It’s me

I have to acknowledge before going any further that the issue today has been me. I joined my first KAL today. Yay! It’s for the Small Hills Hat by Thelma Egberts. That seems normal and going well. But then I actually started my project and all heck broke loose. I have started this project 4 times. Started from earlier today until right now I’ve made very little progress. I could have been finished when in reality I am only here:

 Let me tell you what happened. First, I started on the three double pointed needles and they seemed to short for the amount of stitches I had on the needles so I transferred over to a circular size 7. (I’m using one size up than what’s called for in the pattern) I started to skip rows and to knit backwards. (Don’t ask how I managed to do that, I don’t know). So I had to rip that out and start over.

Then I tried to start on the circulars but forgot how to work with them (apparently) during the process and had to rip out my starting row and switch back to the double points.

After that I got started just fine on 4 instead of the recommend 3 double pointed needles and I finished the brim only to discover I had cast on 10 stitches more than intended and had to rip that out.

Finally, I had the right amount of needles (double points) AND the right amount of stitches and thus I’ve reached the point shown in the picture. I am so frustrated with myself for this. I guess I’ve been so eager to make this hat I’m making stupid mistakes in the process. Since I have been messing up I’ve been paying extra close attention to what I’ve been doing since. Hope I finish this correctly.


2 thoughts on “It’s me

  1. I feel your pain :) Often, with circular projects, I do the ribbing band flat (it works, even on DPNs) and then join once I’ve got a bit done and there’s less chance of joining with a twist in.

    The hat is cute; you should be done really soon :)


    1. Thank you. I finally did get it finished just haven’t written a blog post about it yet. It did come out decent despite my multiple issues with the starting. I never thought about working the ribbing flat then joining. I might have to try that next time I try doing it on the circular needles.


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