Half way there

I had made a goal that I would not make another blog post until I got half-way done with Wooded DenimToday I reached that point finally. After 9 straight days of knitting on this thing I have a total of 31 points and 99sts on my needles. It’s a pretty nice size. When I get finished I’ll have my niece model it and take pictures of her in it. I think it’s safe to call it a small shawl rather than a large scarf but either way it’s pretty. I had a picture all ready to go but, then accidentally deleted the wrong picture. So much for that. Welp, you guys will just have to wait until I’m finished to get another picture. All is going well however. I think I messed up on a total of 3 of the points for one reason or another. 3 out of 31 isn’t so bad for this being the first time I did this pattern. I would definitely do it again.



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