IMG_3366As always my hands and mind don’t stay idle for long AND I’ve been browsing Ravelry like a mad woman. My new sock yarn has been calling me all day yesterday long so I pulled it out. Ran it across my fingers, loved the feel and couldn’t wait to dive into a project using it. I looked at a wrap I had originally queued for the yarn but, reviews were sketchy. Which surprisingly did not deter me. I still wanting to make the wrap trudged ahead and attempted to do the project. My first attempt failed. Now I know I shouldn’t have given up so easily but, since I’m waiting on some feedback from the designers I figured I’d use Bernat Sox Multi for something else.IMG_3365

After a few false starts and thinking seriously about doing another Baktus I settled on making a Pimpelliese by Christine Ebers. It’s very pretty and can easily be turned into a shawl and like Baktus you use up the sock yarn you have available so it can be as large or small as your yarn allows. I have 850 yards/777.2m of Bernat Sox Multi so it should be a pretty nice size.

I also finished my nephews hat. Still working on the curtain but, it has been pushed aside for Pimpelliese which I’ve named Wooded Denim after the color name of the yarn I’m using.



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