I’ve been up for hours. The lack of having taken my sleep medicine is doubtless a huge reason. In this time I’ve gotten some much need stuff done but, I’ve also been web browsing. I’ve discovered multiple blogs that are wonderful, creative, inspiring, and project note worthy. Color Affection has come up many times in my forum reading and I am quickly, eagerly, and impatiently getting on the band-wagon of wanting to make one. I’ve looked up the specific yarn the designer used and there is this nice kit at Plucky Knitters for an understandable price. I know – I know I’m like the millionth person who has talked about this shawl. For me, I really want a nice garter stitch shawl to make for myself. I’ve been looking at shawls for quite some time now and I just love Veera Välimäki’s  work. She makes beautiful garter stitch shawls.

I do still want to do Ka’ana Shawlette but I haven’t bought the proper size 7 needle length for it yet. I am hoping to get them sometime next month. I’m just not use to buying supplies online however, I’m realizing to get the needles I want and some of the yarn that I want I’m going to have to start.

Currently I’m still working on Pageantry and I started a crocheted hat for my oldest nephew. The color he wanted was cream I threw in a burnt red for contrast. I hope it looks nice. I should be working on it now. I guess I’ll do that as soon as I finish updating. I haven’t crocheted in a while. I’ve been so captivated with knitting projects that I just haven’t had the desire to crochet.

Unfortunately I ran into a snag while trying to make a knitted hat that caused me to revert to crochet. Many hat patterns that I looked up and liked called for a 96sts cast on and one even  increased to 104sts which was crazy to me. Whose head is that big anyway? Not my nephews. So out of frustration I pulled out a hat pattern that I’ve made twice before in two different ways and like the results of both. The recipients seemed pleased which is always a plus after making something you gift to someone. I’m rambling now because I’m sleep deprived so I’ll end with this.





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