Proudly beaming

I finished! A few weeks ago maybe sometime in June I think (quite a few weeks ago), I wrote a post about project request that I had gotten. My nieces and nephews had put in project request for 2 shrugs (one for my oldest niece and one for my middle niece), 1 glove (for my middle nephew), and 1 hat (for my middle nephew as well.) I had promised my six-year-old niece a shrug for weeks and I hadn’t gotten to it so finally about 6 days ago I started Simple Stockinette Shrug and named it Karmen’s ShrugI also finished Movie Night Shrug 2.0 in a purple yarn. The glove has been completed again and I still hate it so no links or pictures of that but, you can go to my projects page if you’re really curious. I completed two hats instead of one because the first one turned out lavender. I’ve also completed a curtain and  a scarf. It’s been a busy few weeks.

I am very proud of Karmen’s Shrug it was tedious working on the stockinette stitch for 60 straight rows but, the result is so worth the amount of purls you put into it. It took me 6 days to finish and I didn’t add the sleeves that the design called for and I think it looks really good. I think I’m getting better at this knitting thing. What do you guys think?



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