2012 Olympics and naming projects

Everyone is talking about the Ravellenics Games. Many of those bloggers have joined. I think I’m just about the only one of a few who haven’t spoken of them until this moment. In case my readers are interested in whether I’ve joined the games… I have not.

There are many reasons I haven’t joined but, I have to be honest. This is the first year I’ve paid this much attention the Olympic games due to Ravelry. So, I have watched them. So much so my mother is sick of me and them and goes into the computer room to watch TV instead of suffer through the 2012 Olympics. We only have one TV so we have to from time to time let the other watch what they wish.

Although not participating in the games, I am working on two different projects at the moment. That would be the curtain which I haven’t named yet but, am leaning toward Pageantry or perhaps something with the word beauty in the title. Pageantry would be after the name of the yarn itself. Any suggestions. Lay them on me in the comments section.


I’m also working on Baktus still and it’s coming along nicely. I’m going to increase to 66sts per the suggestion of one of the makers of this scarf using Premier Yarns Serenity Sock Weight. Right now I’m at 47sts I believe so not long now until its time to start the decreases.

Those are the projects I’m working on as I watch the 2012 Olympics. What are you readers working on? Whether it’s for the Ravellenic Games or not.


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