Making another curtain

So I was browsing Ravelry and I was browsing Lionbrand and I was looking for things to make rug wise with the Peaches and Cream yarn. Then I thought the colors are so pretty and I could stand to look at something pretty everyday for inspiration not only with my knitting and crochet (which I haven’t done much of crocheting lately but that’s another post). And I decided I’d make another curtain except for the window in my room. The only thing was I didn’t want to make any of the curtain patterns I found on Ravelry for one reason or another. So I went to the StitchFinder on Lionbrand which is awesome by the way when you want to make something but, don’t have a pattern you can make it using a stitch and a little bit of mathematics. And I came up with Knit Lace: Feather and Fan it’s a really simple 4 row pattern and it’s very pretty. I hope I can do it justice.



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