Up and running

So I finished the curtain. I am very pleased to say it came out better than even I expected. Mom loves it and that’s what counts since she was the one who hung it up. We both have to look at it every day and may I say what a great place to look indeed. I’d never done a curtain before and even though it became tedious for me to knit I love the finished product so much I could be persuaded to make another for my room. I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do with that little window but, a hand-knit curtain doesn’t sound to bad. The question that arises is what color and what type of yarn neither of which I can answer right now.

Baktus is coming along. Slow and steady. I enjoy knitting it so that doesn’t bother me. All the ripped out yarn has been used up and I am back on track working the skein. And it’s coming out straight which is saying a lot considering my first attempt was so zigzag.





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