Calling all curtains

I’ve been busy; busy without really being busy at all. There has been many things needing  done around the house. Unpacking being the main thing. I’ve had lots of studying I’ve needed to catch up on.  I’ve finally gotten Movie Night Shrug 2.0 off my needles it just needs  photographed. Waiting for my eldest niece to come over to do that. I’ve also started the curtain for the kitchen which as soon as the batteries for my camera are done charging I will add a photo to this post.

We put up some curtains in the living room yesterday. Not technically home-made but rather home modified. We bought these curtains at a cheap dollar type store and decided to cut them up to fit the big windows in the living room. The idea sounded good but, the double-sided tape decided not to stick correctly. To me it just looks a hot mess and needs replaced but, other parties who out weigh me like the way it looks. So for now they stay.

Baktus scarf by Strikkelise has been neglected.

I am determined to pick it up as soon as I get off the computer. I miss working on it and despite the garter stitch syndrome* almost being guaranteed to occur as of yet it has not. I’m looking forward to finishing the curtain for the kitchen because although not simply the knit stitch it feels at times just boring. Last night though I got into a groove and did make some progress but not much. I think this curtain is one of those yarn eating projects. Before you realize it you’ve used so much yarn and can’t figure out how.

Welp those are my goings-on until pictures anyway. What new/current projects are you readers working on?

*When you get sick and tired of doing simple knit on a long project that it becomes arduous.


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