New house, new projects, new yarn

We’ve moved. I’m happy but, a little apprehensive at the same time. It’s a lot to do and it’s overwhelming. The house even though it has three rooms instead of two is a lot smaller. You ever notice how you’ve accumulated so much unnecessary stuff? Well that’s where I am, I’ve got so much paper dating back more than seven years it’s a wonder I had room for anything else. With the new house has come some new projects in the works. In the kitchen is this very small window and I’ve decided to make a curtain for it. My mom picked out the stitch pattern (which is the Basketweave stitch), and I picked out the needle size. In addition we went shopping for some household necessities. Yes, I realize this sounds odd we’d go shopping after saying we had too much stuff but that’s how it went so hey. I of course had to check out the yarn section at WalMart and they had a yarn I had never seen in its size before. Peaches & Cream is the brand and Pageantry is the name. Doesn’t that just make you want to make something fancy? Well I am making a mat. Whether it will be for the kitchen or the bathroom has yet to be determined but it will be a rug. Beautiful colors don’t you think?

Movie Night Shrug has been sadly sitting on my needles and quite lonely so I might add. I had high hopes it would be done Wednesday but, with the move in all it’s been pushed back a few days. As soon as the shrug is off my needles onto my size 13 straights will go the curtain. I’m looking forward to doing that one. It’ll be quick and simple also and it will be functional to boot. Win, win, win. Well those are my goings on. Until some project updates and photos later readers.


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