I hate to pack. I hate un-packing as well. Let’s face it I just don’t like to move. But, as it is we’re moving and it hasn’t been the least bit easy. To relieve some of my anxiety about moving I’ve knitting like a mad woman on different projects. And thus they follow:

My first knitted hat is complete. It came out pretty good but, it turned out the color was lavender so instead of giving it to my intended nephew I gave it to my youngest niece. She fits it beautifully.

My second knitted hat I used two colors which wasn’t easy at first but I got the hang of it. I also finished Red Daring 2.0 but it’s again not worth showing pictures. It’s on my projects page on Ravelry if you’re really curious though.

That’s all for now. Still working on my oldest niece’s shrug haven’t put much work into it because I’ve been busy working on the two hats and the glove.


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