I’ve been on cloud nine for the past couple of days. What with getting such good feedback for both my nieces shrug that I made for her as well as the Striped Socks by Patons. I even got good comments from BOTH of my sisters for my work on the Movie Night Shrug. Imagine receiving such commendation from two people who call my knitted and crocheted items “gadgets”.

As soon as I finished the shrug my six-year-old niece asked if I could make her one. Tonight she’s staying over and we looked at Ravelry patterns together until we came up with a mutually agreeable pattern for me to do. We decided on Lacy Little Shrug by Eileen Casey very pretty seemingly straightforward. We’ll see how well I do in executing it.

Also the order was put in to make the same Movie Night Shrug again for my oldest niece in a purple color. I choose for the first one Caron Simply Soft/Ocean. For the second shrug I’m using Red Heart Soft Touch/Berry.

ImageMy second to oldest nephew wanted  me to  make him a glove (just one) so I did. It came out a lot better than Red Daring. It wasn’t the pattern that was flawed with Red Daring it was my skill level. However I went with a crocheted glove and that one came out nice.

Of course my crochet skills are a lot better than my knitting. 

Well so anyways, I made him a nice red glove he came over tonight, tried it on, and loves it. However, (here’s the kicker) he wants me to attempt Red Daring again because he lost it over a family members home.

What I find challenging about Red Daring is my magic loop method on the circular needles that I have. I think if I had a more flexible cable it would be easier but it’s not. I decided to counter balance that with going down a few needles sizes to use the double pointed size 8 that I have. Which really isn’t a big deal because the pattern calls for size 13 needles but I was using size 10

I know this post is getting long so I’ll try to hurry up. Last but not least same said nephew put in a request for a hat “without holes” I made him a crocheted hat which is too big for his less than 20″ head. So I’m going to try my hand at my first knitted hat. Hope it works out.

All in all I went from not having any projects to speak of to work on, two sisters who felt my projects were “gadgets”, and no one I could think of to knit/crochet for; to: four project request 2 shrugs, 1 glove, 1 hat, both sisters acknowledging my skill and effort, and three people to knit for.

It’s been a good week.


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