Photo request

I’ve got a lot of positive feedback on my Movie Night Shrug on WordPress, Facebook, and on Ravelry. So I’ve found myself getting online just to check how many likes I’ve received in the different groups I’ve posted the project in. The first thing I did today however was check my email and play Words with Friends on Facebook before going on Ravelry.

When I went on Ravelry I had an email and I was thinking it might be from a friend getting in touch with me so imagine my surprise when I received this instead.

I don’t know if you can see it clearly but its a request to use my Striped Socks by Patons picture as the project pages featured picture. Meaning both Ravelry members and guest will be able to see the picture of my feet on the projects page to download the free pattern.

How cool is that?! I’m so honored. I posted my sock picture into the Examples of Pooling: Both Good and Bad thread to get some feedback and I’ve had as much good feedback as I have negative. So this is a lovely and welcome surprise. Woohoo!


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