New projects in the works

Ka’ana Shawlette has been put on hold until I can get the longer needles. Seeing as how my family doesn’t appreciate my knitted and crocheted items I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what to make next and for whom. Let me rephrase that. My sisters don’t appreciate my handmade items. The funny thing is I’ve never made them anything.

Ponders making them something to bring them to my side…

Well so I’ve been scouting Ravelry for days now trying to find something to make with the miscellaneous yarn and knitting/crochet materials I had available. I came up with Movie Night Shrug which I think would be perfect for my fifteen year old niece. I chose an Ocean/Pragoda/Blue-green yarn of Caron Simply Soft very beautiful color.

I just started it this morning around 2-3am. Couldn’t sleep for a while. I have insomnia quite badly and not having something to work on has been torturous. My six year old niece suggested that I make her a carseat out of yarn to occupy myself and make her doll happy. I don’t even begin to know where to start on a project like that.

My fifteen year old niece graduated from the 8th grade this week and I guess this shrug will be a graduation present. I hope she appreciates it more than her mom would.


4 thoughts on “New projects in the works

  1. I once read that it’s hard to appreciate a handmade gift unless the recipient also makes handmade items. Only another crocheter / knitter will appreciate the hours and effort that went into making the item. I hope it’s not true but I suspect that unless the recipient sees the process, they might not understand.


    1. They don’t seem to understand the time and effort that went into my handmade items. It’s almost as if they dislike that I make things for their children. But their children on the ego-boost side love the things I make for them.


    1. Good idea. I just finished some socks for myself which is the first pair I ever did for me and I’m already thinking of another pair.


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