Too short knitting needles

I’ve been working on two projects. A shawl which isn’t the Eva’s shawl that it started out being. I frogged that one because the yarn I have just wasn’t doing it justice so I decided to use the yarn for another project. I selected Ka’ana Shawlette which is really great looking although simplistic in majority of it’s make up. It’s simple garter stitch with a few k1 tbl’s and yo’s until you get to the border. 

I haven’t gotten to the border and I’ve been struggling on it because the needles it calls for is a size 7 40inch or more circular knitting needle and I only have a size 7 29inch circular knitting needle. I really need to buy a longer cabled needle but, don’t have the funds to do so right now.

Also working on my second striped sock which I sat aside for a few days out of having a desire to do the shawlette more. That’s what I’ve been up to. Hoping to have the second sock finished by Wednesday.


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