My Socks have holes in them

I am having a lot of fun with this yarn. Interestingly the reviews on this particular color weren’t to favorable but, for me I’m having a ball. I started the sock around the beginning of May but did just a few rows after the cast on and not much after that until yesterday when I really sat down and put in some serious time. The fun thing is it doesn’t feel like I put in a lot of time with this sock I get so bedazzled by the different colors shooting out of the Ziploc bag I have it in that before I knew it the sock was at the heel, then the heel shaping, then so on. I am having way too much fun with this yarn.

If all my projects was like this I would be done with them all sooner. The only draw back is once I shaped the heel and picked up the 12 (actually 13) stitches on each side of the sock I developed a massive hole on one side of it. You can’t tell by the picture but, I’m going to have to do some mending again. Usually the sock remedy to this is to pick up an extra stitch which I did so I technically shouldn’t have any hole problems but, I still do.

I think what I’m going to do next time is pick up all along the edging until I can’t pick up anymore and just k2tog on the extra stitches to prevent the holes. If this doesn’t work I’m seriously contemplating opening up a Ravelry thread to get some opinions on how to fix this recurring issue.

Other than that set back the sock is progressing quite nicely and if my time works out ok tomorrow I might be done with the sock by sundown. That will mean it took me three days to finish one sock. I do however have plans for the am and I have a wedding to go to in the pm and have some studying I have to do so I don’t know how much I’m going to get done tomorrow. So maybe it might take me 4 days to finish. I’m ok with that. It’s never gone this quickly before. Who knows I might become like the yarn harlot and have a constant string of socks on my needles at all times.

By the way: I have designs on buying a size 2 and 3 circular needles for some up coming shawl projects. My 6 year old niece already claimed my first shawl project — I’m glad someone likes it–so I’ll have to make another one. I’m okay with that because I really want to make a shawl using fingering or sport weight yarn and all I have on hand in large quantities is worsted weight yarn. A few months back my sister gave me a whole bunch of donated yarn from someone who died and so couldn’t use it anymore so that’s what I have to work with in my stash. It’s a lot of random skeins and not a lot of matches so I make random colored projects and little ones at that. Trying to minimize the randomness.


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