Socks and Shawls

I’ve been busy. Busy doing many things and thus haven’t really felt busy doing what I’d like to do at all. I finished the purple socks a few days (maybe a week ago) but have been too busy to enter a post talking about the completion of them.

 As I mentioned there was some flaws in the final outcome and there were a few holes I had to mend which I hate having to do before someone even gets a chance to make holes but it was either that or wash down the drain hours of work I’d put into the socks. Most of the holes came from doing the heel of this particular pattern. It just wasn’t clear enough for me to get straight in my head to not come out with problems. But it ended up working out and I like the way they look.

I’m now working on my 5th pair of socks using the new yarn I had gotten from JoAnn’s and I am completely in love with this yarn. It changes colors so often and randomly I find myself excited to see what color comes next. Add to that there is pink in this brown and green variegated yarn I find myself looking forward to the pink pieces and accomplishing more of the sock to just find them. I just started and so I haven’t gotten past the ribbing section but I am almost onto the straight knit part due to running into some pink strips last night.

The pattern is Striped Socks by Patons it doesn’t have a picture on the project page but I got the pattern from a leaflet while shopping at JoAnn’s and the leaflet includes a picture. I might post the picture later. It’s a pretty simple straightforward pair of socks but my yarn is so complex I think that’s okay.

I’m also working on a shawl pattern. Called Eva’s Shawl. Even though the picture has this beautiful light-weight yarn the shawl can be worked in any yarn weight using any hook size. So I decided to use some yarn I had lying around the house. Which is some Red Heart Super Saver Solids and I’m curious to see how it turns out.

 Right now it doesn’t look like much but I’m contemplating on whether or not I need to block it after it’s completed. I’ve already talked about how acrylic is block able so see earlier post to find the link that explains that.

Also thinking about starting a third project just haven’t figured out what it’s going to be yet. Any suggestions?


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