I’ve been working on the second sock and it’s progressing quite nicely except for a few flaws and as much as I keep hoping the flaws won’t show I have to acknowledge eventually that I’ll have to fix them before I give the sock to someone and the mending will show. So here’s to hoping for a good pair of socks. Don’t get me wrong they won’t be horrible but, there is definite room for improvement. I already messed up the first sock with the toe closing because I didn’t know what I was doing when the pattern simply called for me to cast off. Yup and so that’s what I did, except the regular cast off doesn’t exactly work for socks so I had to make something up with that one.

Now that I know better even though I should have already known better I know that when a sock pattern simply calls for a cast off you cast off using a sock cast off most often grafting in the Kitchener stitch. Yup that would have made more sense with the sock but sometimes I take a long way around a solution to a problem.

The second bib for my nephew is complete. Finished that yesterday just haven’t taken pictures of it yet. The batteries in my camera need charging so until I get those together I won’t have any new pictures up.


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