I’ve been pretty busy with other things so I haven’t had much of a chance to work on my current sock project or the burping cloth I wanted to make. This is actually good in a way because my sister wants me to make another bib for my nephew since the original got messed up in a basement piping incident. She said she didn’t feel comfortable using it to wipe his mouth with and so that’s why she didn’t bring it to me to mend it because it needed mending.

She was at a point she didn’t know what to do with it I guess because she felt bad about throwing it away because I made it but, didn’t want to use it either. I reassured her I could make him another one. I’m actually looking forward to doing so because I learned so many new techniques I hadn’t used since making the bibs the first time. I’m looking forward to refreshing my skills that I picked up.

Onto a sock knitting note. I was trying to figure out how to get rid of the tail end of the yarn that comes along when you long tail cast on for the sock (this is pretty much the only cast on I use at the moment) Then I had a duh moment while laying in bed and figured out I can use it along with the working end to start and do the first row or two of the sock. It secures the beginning of the sock without me worry it will unravel when I cut it and it gets rid of the tail end without me having to cut it. Brilliant! I’m sure others have figured this out long before me but, I’m new to this so it didn’t occur to me until yes my 4th pair of socks. So now I’m looking forward to completing these sock so I can cast on a new pair and test this theory.

Until next entry…


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