Recent Ventures

It’s 5:33AM I can’t sleep. Thoughts of various kind dance in my head bouncing off various walls before coming back to ping against one another. I’m stuck in a creative madness with no real outlet to vent. My knitting fever has changed to crochet addiction once again and I’ve crocheted random things for a week 1/2 now. I made a toy hammock in which I put yarns for soon-to-be knit/crochet projects. I made 2 left gloves. Let me explain:

My nephew has longed for some fingerless gloves for some time now. I haven’t been able to find a pattern that I liked that I could actually carry out and it look good all in one. So at random intervals I would browse Ravelry and Lionbrand looking for glove patterns. I unwittingly put the glove project on the back burner while I moved toward more realistic patterns that I actually looked forward to completing. A few days ago (3 to be exact) I got an email from Lionbrand about taking classes at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio and found this amazing looking glove picture contained therein. Knowing I wouldn’t be able to take the class not living in New York and all I went in search of this particular glove pattern on the Lionbrand website. I couldn’t find it (disappointing) however, I did find Driving Gloves which caught my eye. Even though Ravelry says it’s female Lionbrand says no such thing so I decided to test these out to see if I could make them for my nephew. So I’ve done 2 left gloves in two different yarn colors and weight trying to figure out which one is the more masculine yarn choice as well as not too big or small on the pattern so that it will fit his hand size.  I’m excited about this pattern because even though it’s marked easy there was some difficulty at first with trying to join the glove to itself when you have no clue where the designer is going with it. But if you just follow the pattern as it says without second guessing it works out great.

So I’m waiting for my nephew to come by for him to test the two gloves out to see which one fits better before I make the second matching glove.

Purple Gala yarn has been put on hold I can’t get the hat design I want with its constant tangling so I’ve decided to use the yarn for something else I just  can’t figure out what. I do still plan to attempt my first knit hat but definitely using different yarn and until I figure out what yarn I want to use it’s been put on hold at the moment.

First Shawl Attempt has been frogged. I was working on it and a needle slipped out my hand and with it stitches went. I just got so disgusted by the progress I had struggled to make only to lose so many stitches so easily that I couldn’t stand to look at the yarn another minute. I took it all out and thought seriously enough about crocheting with the yarn instead that I even attempted it. All to no avail because it’s a yarn that is tricky and in this instance best used for knitting. I browsed Ravelry trying to come up with some ideas on what to do with the Bernat Matrix but couldn’t find anything that I liked other than that shawl so I guess it’s put on hold until I muster up the energy to fiddle with it again. I think I’ll try another yarn and another needle size for my first shawl.


So that’s what’s been going on with me here lately. I’ve read Yarn Harlot’s blog and it’s definitely given me some pointers and inspiration on how to better gear this blog toward something worth reading. I’m not there yet though so bear with me.


3 thoughts on “Recent Ventures

  1. Hi, the gloves pictured for the Master Class are not a Lion Brand pattern. It’s showing what you can learn in the glove design master class with Brenda Dayne. No pattern at all . . . she’s going to teach you how to design your own. Very cool:

    Can’t wait to see pics of your driving gloves. Make sure to share them with our Ravelry group:


    1. Thanks so much for reading my post. How cool is that someone from Lionbrand read my post. Thank you also for the invite to the group. I promptly joined and rightly so. I will definitely post pictures once he comes to try them on.


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