A Means to an End

I have restarted the Bernat Sox Ankle Socks (to Knit) using Premier Yarns Serenity Sock Weight.

Instead of making them for my oldest niece I’ve decided to make the smallest size and whomever they fit when finished gets to keep them. I’m thinking my middle-to-the-youngest niece will fit them. Right now she’s mad at me stewing in bitterness because I refused to let her eat while watching YouTube videos of cake making. She’s 6-years-old and already head strong as all get-out.

I finished the two left-handed gloves. I needed to add buttons (which I crocheted) I was too eager to get them done and not wait until I went to the store to find the right buttons.

I’ve looked at my projects page on Ravelry and I hate having frogged items so, so I’ve been seriously contemplating restarting the Small Duck pattern again. That would mean I’m committing myself to three projects: two knit and one crochet which isn’t bad in and of itself. The problem lies in the reason I was thinking of restarting the duck pattern so soon.  I’ve read Yarn Harlot’s blog and surfed Ravelry and I’m completely in love with the idea of creating something bigger than I’ve done before. Which in reality would be a shawl or socks for myself or something of the sort but, at the moment is manifesting itself into previously attempted but failed projects.

The longer I knit the more I think I’m a product knitter. I like the finished item more than I liked the process of getting there. Funny thing is when it comes to crochet I’m the exact opposite. I love the process more. So really considering that the small duck needs completed and I have the desire to do it-who cares where the drive came from as long as it’s done.



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