Hat Failure

If you’ve read my earlier post you can feel the sense of small accomplishment that I finally finished a scarf that I laid aside for basically a month. The yarn wasn’t difficult, the pattern was simple I just had lost my will to knit for a while. It happens more often than I would like but, I’m realistic enough to admit it’ll probably occur again and I’m feeling like it might be soon. I have this drive to knit however at the moment and I’m using it for all it’s worth by trying to complete as many projects on my needles as I possibly can. I had to frog the small duck burping bib because the duck had no head! I worked the pattern the way the instructions are written out and the body came out visible enough considering the variegated colored yarn but, then when I got to the head part it was as if someone cut the ducks head off at the neck. So I’m going to start it again a little later.

Despite this setback I wasn’t completely disappointed because this freed up my size 7 needles to work on creating a matching hat to go with my 1×1 rib scarf I just completed. I’ve been ATTEMPTING to make this thing all day. I’ve started it three times and walked away from it three times. The yarn (same yarn as the scarf) keeps getting stuck within itself so much so that when I tug too hard it completely pulls apart. I just threw away a couple of inches worth of yarn out of frustration that I had tied and re-tied it to many times and the knots was showing during the working of the project. I hope this discarding of some of it doesn’t come back to bite me in the form of not being able to complete the hat due to a lack of a few inches of yarn.

Even though the label says Acrylic, Polyester, and Nylon someone on Ravelry labeled it as having wool content so I’m wondering is this why it does that. Never been one to work with anything outside of acrylic I’m not sure what part is causing the snags. Which I guess if I was more than a novice at knitting I probably wouldn’t be struggling so much. As it is I’ve never knit a hat before and outside of working with this yarn on the scarf project never worked with anything other than acrylic before and they are both at this point working my nerves.

So I’m done for the night. I’m going to look at some more YouTube tutorials on hats, magic loop, in the round, and on circular needles and if this next attempt doesn’t work I’m going to do one of three things. One: switch to double points for the entire project instead of for only part of it. Two: Scrap the matching hat idea altogether. Or three: if all else fails crochet a hat. I’m decent at doing those.

I don’t want to give up on the hat idea especially since my mom loves the scarf so much she took it for herself. I really envisioned a matching hat to go with it to use up the yarn I have. Otherwise I’m back at the drawing board trying to figure out what to do with this yarn. Any suggestions would be welcome to you readers out there.


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