Bernat Matrix Shawl

Bernat Matrix

I’ve worked like a mad woman on the 1×1 rib scarf and managed to finish skein number two and attach skein three. All of a sudden I have this drive to do some knitting but, it’s not in the form of the socks I hoped it would be. Instead I’ve had this yarn that once again I got from Big Lots that I bought a while ago (I mean years) and when I bought it I bought 5 skeins without even knowing what I would do with it. I really wanted the blue and green one because blue is my favorite color but it didn’t have but, two skeins and something told me I needed more than that. So I settled on the purple and pink one.

Later on this booklet that I had bought happened to  have a pattern in it for this specific yarn being used to make a shawl. I later found out that the yarn was discontinued and the shawl required 5 skeins. Yay me! I’ve longed to do this shawl so that when I travel out-of-state or city I can have something to cover my arms. It’s a very simple garter stitch shawl it’s just worked using size 15/10mm needles interchangeably with size 6/4.25mm needles and that’s what makes the design go great with the yarn. Once I get started on this which will be tonight I’ll have pictures up next week of my progress. Until then enjoy the picture preview of the yarn.



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