One by One Rib Scarf

So, finally after many weeks I’ve started knitting again. I wonder if the fact that I noticed the 1×1 rib was looking twisted had something to do with my lack of motivation? (ponders)

The more I knitted the more it looked weird so something told me to sit down and pull back a few rows and re-knit. This is a very arduous task. You have to be careful not to rip back too far and you also have to watch out for where you made the mistake so that you don’t unnecessarily unravel hours of work. I managed to do this ;) surprise, surprise. So since I was working on it and I had my camera at hand I figured now would be as good as time as any to take those shots of the project I promised I would. This due to two reasons. One: so I can have something to post on my Ravelry page and two: so I could put it in my journal and actually do some updating.

That was sort of bummer when I realized I couldn’t do much posting if I wasn’t doing projects and I wonder if that had something to do with me getting up the drive to start knitting again as well. In addition I’ve listened to some reading material and that has freed up my hands to occupy otherwise.


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