Rubber Duck Dishcloth

Almost a year ago I found this duck pattern for my 6 month pregnant sister and she fell in love with the idea of an all duck blanket. Well since I didn’t do the blankets for the twins that never came to fruition. However she still when seeing the dishcloth thought it would be a cool idea to have a duck something. Unfortunately as like now even then I couldn’t read charts to well. (I’ve gotten better thanks to help from a fellow ravelry member and a book from the library).

Due to my overwhelming failure in this project of producing successfully a duck for my sister I’ve nicknamed the duck “that blasted/danged duck” Well as I’ve mentioned I got help from a fellow ravelrier (if that’s a word) and she translated the chart into written instructions for me and that allowed me to create the duck.

It’s sort of hard to see due to the fact that I used variegated yarn, but I’m so proud of this ‘dang duck’ I don’t even care. I’ve finally conquered it. I’ve become so confident I’m working on the same pattern in a smaller version that’s part of the project too. I’m using this as burping cloths instead of a dishcloth but, I think they work well. I’m making Kori’s twin brother one in the same color I made the variegated brown bib. Just started it today.



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