Kaedance Bib

This was knitting and it only took me three days to do! I was surprised I learned a whole bunch of new techniques such as the M1R and the M1L as well as attaching an i-cord to a project. And I found that when I’m being challenged in my knitting I really get into the project. Here’s the finished results:

Kaedance Bib

It has wet spots because I steamed blocked it. I don’t know if you’re suppose to steam block cotton but, I have gone steam block crazy ever since I learned how to do it. I steamed blocked some coasters I made for my mom and I could tell the difference immediately between not blocking verses blocking.

I think you are supposed to wet block it but, it worked out all the same the way that I did it.

Here are the coasters that I made for mom. She loved them by-the-way. We use them everyday.

Coasters for Mom

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