Basketweave Scarf

Basketweave Stitch

I decided to use the basketweave stitch to make a scarf using the Gala yarn. I’m going to turn it into an infinity scarf once I get the desired length I’m looking for. I haven’t done any projects for myself in a while so this one is for me. I’m looking forward to completing it.

Kerriel’s scarf is progressing quit nicely. I’m not going to put anymore pictures up until it’s the length of the living room table. The other day I got into a groove and I couldn’t slow down and the next thing I know it had grown several inches. I’m a really fast typist 75+wpm (and that’s being modest) so to be slow at knitting was really bugging me. However I noticed that if I enjoy the moment and each stitch my fingers get to flying and I’ve accomplished my goal without noticing.

Those are my updates for now. O, almost forgot. Did another visor beanie hat but this one I did without the visor and gave it to my nephew. He loved it.  The colors are navy blue and cream. No pictures sorry. Maybe later.


Basketweave Project

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