Knitting Gives Me the Blues

Wrote this May 15, 2011

We just moved. The countless unpacked boxes in my room speaks of this attempt as being only a month ago. I never was like my mom who managed to unpack two bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining space, the living room and her bedroom. I guess being without a home for a few months has had the opposite effect on us both.

She decided to lay down roots; I decided to make memories. I feel justifiably okay in not being unpacked seeing how in a months’ time I’ve finished two blankets, a pair of baby booties, two hats, one scarf and started several new projects.  I crochet beginner stuff but, I’m starting to grow into an advance beginner level thanks to project requests from friends and family. Such project requests is what leads me to my title. My middle sister is pregnant with twins and as soon as she found out I could do hats and booties as well as blankets her request for all three went in two-fold. Did I mention she wants the project whether knit/crochet to be a blanket of ducks?

That was she didn’t mind whether it was knit or crochet until I found online a knit pattern of a duck which she adored. Did I mention I’ve picked up knitting but, I barely should have the title of neophyte since I’ve only knit a baby scarf, a cell phone case, and a dish rag to completion?  I’ve been trying to do other things however. I realize to have the nice things that I see on the knitting/crochet websites I have to actually learn those crafts sooner or later. Carpal-tunnel at 25 be darn, although never having done so and having three times frogged a blanket; I’m working on that blasted knit duck pattern as well as a knit blanket (unrelated). Also working on some intermediate knit socks— don’t ask how a beginner has the tenacity to jump to intermediate. Soon after the duck I’m going to start a shawl.

Even though I get tired of purling, wishing the basic knit stitch would come out as pretty as a rib or a cable pattern at times like now 5am in the morning. Going off a buzz from yesterday I will sit and purl and knit until it comes out just so; so I too can be counted among the knitters.


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