Gala 100% Acrylic – Acrilico


So I broke down and went to Big Lots today. Even though I really didn’t have the money for the yarn they sale at the moment. I had $4.00 dollars to my name and decided I was going to buy at least 3 skeins of yarn if not 4 skeins. I restrained myself and got 3 skeins of Gala 100% Acrylic – Acrilico. The interesting thing about this yarn is that it’s almost shoelace like in its design. I like it though. I’m looking forward to making a scarf out of it.

Well so I worked up a swatch of single crochet and it was quite dense.


So I worked up a swatch of stockinette using knitting needles and I liked the result.

US 13-9MM

I’ve decided to do a knitted scarf using this yarn but, I haven’t figured out what type of pattern I want to do yet.

Until then…


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