Such a slow Knitter

I’m working on three projects at the moment and thus that’s obvious by my last post. Kameran’s vest is coming along nicely.

Kameran's Vest progressing...

I had Kerriel (my niece) try it on and she can fit it quite well I must say. She even made me feel good.  She said Kameran won’t get a chance to get into it because she’d be in it all the time ;). Other than some steam blocking which I found out the iron can do (2 thumbs up!) I don’t foresee any problems with the vest. But, then again it’s crochet so of course I don’t see any problems with it. I saw this post (I believe on ravelry) about how to steam block acrylic some I’m actually looking forward to trying it. Thus far I haven’t blocked any of my projects I’ve made. I know shame on me.

Such a slow knitter

So I’m working on Kerriel’s scarf.

Kerriel's scarf slow but sure

And it’s taking me forever it feels. I’m such a slow knitter and sometimes it gets depressing to the point I want to rip everything out and just crochet it instead but, I’m so determined to see this project through and besides Kerriel loves the scarf and I don’t want to change it for quickness sake alone. So I will truck ahead and keep updating on how the projects are going.

FYI: Here’s that link to how to block acrylic that I found helpful.


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