Patons Carmen

So this bothered me enough to where I figured it needed talked about. Two dear friends of mine just had their 66th anniversary and a friend and I decided to pitch in together and do a gift. We decided on making them some scarves for the coming winter. She had the money and I had the skill so it worked out well. I got some Patons Carmen for a really cheap price at a store not to far for me. At $1 dollar each you can’t complain. McDonald’s barely has food for that much anymore. Anyway, so as I was working on the first one. It came out a very beautiful color and came out pretty well. I only got 2 skeins per color so it wasn’t as long as I would have like but she’s older and her neck is a lot smaller than my own so I figured it’d still do well.

Finished Project

The anniversary party started at a certain time and we were late because of trying to get these done in time. It took me 2 hours for the first one because of interruptions. (My second attempt at a scarf only took me 1 hour). So, on the way to their house I was working on the scarf in the car. Needless to say because I was rushing it didn’t come out looking so hot. We decided to give them the scarves later this week so I can finish it. Well that was great I figured I go home and take out and fix what I didn’t like.

Well… planning didn’t work out as well as I thought it would. My attempts to pull ended in a tangled heap of stubborn yarn. It refused to unravel. Talk about your yarn that won’t come lose. I ended up cutting it in half and then cutting the halves into strips in attempts to find a good tugging spot. That never happened. I just ended up with patches of yarn and knotted yarn that I hoped I could use. When I attempted to use it; it made the scarf worse and I had to cut some of that. So my last project ended up shorter and not as wide as the really nicely done pink one. Urgh! I’m so disgusted.

Note to self: Never buy this type of yarn again no matter how cheap it is.

Disposed Yarn

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