Even I’d like to know

I’ve been more active in my daily non-electronic media life so that’s caused a dramatic dip in my attentiveness to my blogs. And while I don’t regret this, I do wish I had realized I’d dropped the ball in my crafting and artistic endeavors. Make a Wish is coming along well it’s just a lot of the 2300 yards of yarn I have is being consumed by the flounce (main part of the cardigan). I’ve watched so much yarn disappear into this thing I’m worried I won’t have enough for the sleeves. I had one false positive incident when I thought I was finished and able to move onto the back portion so I broke yarn put the live stitches onto waste yarn and then realized I was nowhere near the required inches.

So, back onto the needles it went and after rejoining the yarn I was able to proceed as I had been prior. Still consuming a ton of yarn…

It’s grown since this picture

Yeah, I’m trying to figure out what I’ve been doing with myself with so much left to do so close to the deadline. On the upside I have been consistently picking up my spinning (although not everyday) and made a decent amount of progress on the dyed purple fiber.

The top photo on the left is with a better camera and out doors and the remaining three is what’s been going on in the last few days. I’ve learned the hard way too many times to count that allowing my spindles to pile up too much results in me losing yarn I worked hard on. As a result, the bottom right picture is me having cleaned my spindles and made a three ply out of what I finished and begun anew on the next batch. Nothing’s been plied because I’m going to finish it all and then ply one continues three ply.*

That’s really all I’ve been up to with my crafting except, I’ve been trying my hand at the bullet journal-ling system. I’m still debating on whether I’ll stick with it or not but, I have noticed that I’ve completed task a lot better than I have in the past by using it. It may just be a keeper.



*This is a traditional three ply and not N-plied (Navajo plied).


In due course

There are seven days left until my first year of vacation from stash enhancement is over. You know it’s been a while since you’ve made a purchase when the person you live with ask you, “So when are you going to make a purchase?”

I have seven days and twelve months to go and everything is going exceedingly well. Want to see?

The pictures aren’t that good so I didn’t make them where you can click them but these are my knitting/fiber/yarn drawers (depending on when I ask one of my nieces or nephews to grab something or put something back for me, those are the terms I use).

As my last post mentioned I have a yardage goal for these two years and I am currently on track to exceed it as long as I finish Make a Wish on time.

It’s grown since this picture

I also came up with another plan for half of my 2017 goals. The first few months will be spent completing eight projects for eight beautifully wonderful women. This aides me along in emptying drawers. I spent the other day using my niddy-noddy, WPI tool, and skein winder in order to get an idea of the yardage of the yarns I was trying to use up. In addition, I wrote notes about the various items I wanted to make and searched for patterns that would fit both my yardage and the yarn weight.

The pictures are bad this post, I’ll do better next time.

All this planning does not mean I’ve forgotten about K2’s second vest. It just means I haven’t finalized what I’m going to do. I want to do the colorwork but, my skill level when it comes to colorwork is rather poor at the moment. If however I get better at it in the mean time that’ll empty out that drawer you see in the top picture, middle row, at the bottom of the six.

My spinning and knitting has been slacking a lot lately. Yesterday was the first time in six months that I picked up a spindle. And while I enjoyed it and spun a bit today the only regret about the last six months is the lack of progress. Same with Make a Wish, I haven’t really picked it up although it’s been on the  needles since the beginning of October. The deadline is the end of next month so I better get a move on it.

Anyone else make plans for their 2017 crafting yet?

Numbers Ahead*

*Part II of Year of Me
Summer of George – Seinfeld reference

Earlier this year when I decided to make this a year focused on making and keeping things for myself I felt—odd. I had this persistent feeling of guilt for actually having the audacity to want something for myself that I made with my own hands. My desire went against this inner belief that being “selfish” (if you will) was somehow wrong.

As the year progressed however, I noticed a few things that helped this feeling to gradually ease, become easier to tell people making request of me no, and to finally bask in having something for myself. Interestingly enough, this didn’t eliminate nor diminish the number of projects I made for others but, increased it by one. So a few stats:


This is 2015 gifted items as you can see last year I made eight of them.

In comparison this years gifted items


increased by size (K2’s vest) and complexity (the colorwork tablet cover & K2’s vest). O, and by one additional item.

Now, when it comes to selfish knitting. Last year without having this self-imposed determination I made


eight projects for myself. I know only seven are showing but, one pair of socks weren’t tagged so I had to tag them after I took the picture.

But, this year having that goal


I’ve already completed thirteen projects and I’m working on number fourteen. Why does this matter? I have a bad habit of once I complete a project originally intended for me, someone will say they want it and I’ll give it to them feeling I’m being selfish if I don’t. As to where this year I learned not to do that, especially with items I made with myself in mind and really wanted to keep. Now I did give up yarns and projects I originally intended for myself but decided I’d LOVE to gift. (Instead of being pressured to gift I did so of my own accord.)

I also had written a post that discussed my yearly yardage goals and plans during the first and subsequent year of my self-imposed yarn/fiber buying hiatus. Here’s how I’m doing on that front. So I originally calculated my stash yardage at approx. 18,987.7yds (as of February 2016). I was aiming to knit about 11,749yds yearly to deplete my approximate total. This number was derived from last years data on my KnitMeter.com account. See linked post for more details.^

I didn’t think I’d make this goal but, not only did I exceed my number of projects hoped for in comparison to last years numbers. (From 16 to 24.) As long as I complete Hope For (Make a Wish) by the end of December my yardage totals will be approx. 11,244yds (Ravelry.com data) / approx. 11,996yds (KnitMeter.com data) of course factoring in things for numbers being adjusted once I actually complete the project.

If all goes well I might have time to actually complete some secret knitting I’ve had in the works before the years over too.

P.S. this yarn is so hard to get an accurate picture of the color.

P.P.S. But it’s still beautiful.