“Being” Healthy

This month is the most quiet I’ve been in some time. And while I’d love to say that’s a given because I do have moments when I get burnt out on my knitting and need to breakaway from it all; this isn’t one of those times. 

About three months ago I started a new medication that with all the wisdom of hindsight did me more harm than good. While I initially thought it was working wonders (as medicines often claim to do) I was missing big neon signs pointing warnings at me. As a result of a two months obliviousness, I started having symptoms of illness that were similiar to that which resulted in me becoming deathly ill a few years back. (When I say deathly I have the ICU medical records to prove it).

Long story short, bigger health setbacks caused me to clue in to the smaller warning signs I had overlooked. (During this two month period I wasn’t knitting, spinning, nor engaging in other such activities that genereally make up my personality and interest.) And although it’ll take me time to get back to myself, I have made some strides in the right direction.

I haven’t picked my spinning back up, but K4 stopped by and spent a day spinning hers. Making the goal of once her handspun has been plied and completed she is going to knit herself a earbud holder with it. Which is great on so many levels. She’s been spinning since she was eight and although intermittently she is quite good at it. So much so, I told her once she completes her goal I’ll buy her a batt for her next spin.

Lucidity is on row 15 almost 16 and still at a snails pace. As much as I’d like to talk myself into stop adding beads all in order to finish sooner, I can’t seem to talk myself out of my original idea to add them without fear of regretting the decision later.

“It’ll all be worth it”, is what I keep telling myself and while I do believe this, I also keep making mistakes that after so many placements of beads aren’t worth frogging back to. At the very list this border will be interesting.


More determined than patient

This continued state of lack of knitting drive surges on. I think in one fail swoop I’ve managed to satisfy my beaded knitting craving and drop all projects that could have been done ages ago.

I’m on row 11 of the 44 that is left of the border on Lucidity. And while it is looking gorgeous I have to admit I’ve made a few stitch errors and honestly I’ve reached the sections where there are 3 beads every 4-6 stitches and I really just want to forge ahead with straight knitting instead of having to frequently pause to add a bead. It’s been languishing in a bag more than touched for over two weeks as a result.

Likewise Vivacity (Levity 2.0) has been put on the back burner I can only guess as to why. I’m assuming my attempts to force myself to work on Lucidity is what made that so. But now having realized just how little is left to do on Vivacity I decided to pick it up and complete it as quickly as I can. I have 20 rays left to complete.

2016-08-05 19.23.09.jpg

I was discussing the endeavour K2’s vest turned out to be and the individual I was conversing with said that since I now have the pattern down (the one I managed to make) I could do another relatively easily. While I initially turned this idea down flat. They said I had to have a lot of patience to do the projects I’ve done thus far. I had to clarify that rather than patient I’m more determined. Patience’s something I think I lack in great amounts but, if I’m determined enough to accomplish something setbacks won’t stop me from ultimately completing my goal.

With that thought in mind. I’ve decided to make one more vest for my nephew. Not a moment to late I might add for he has his current vest hanging in his closet awaiting the arrival of school where he already has clothes picked out to wear it with. No greater knitter pride can be found.

Crash and burn

I haven’t updated because I really haven’t had much to share. Knitting has taken sort of a relaxed stance since I completed K2’s vest. I feel as if it was anticlimactic in a way. Here was this item that had been in various stages of planning for so long, even pre-true-planning and then when things got underway everything that could go horribly wrong did. Even at the final stage of it all when I finally was able to get the item to him to try it on a snipped too close to the edge end unraveled and I had to do emergency spare moment fixing without any proper tools. Honestly, I was so relieved by the hand off of said promised items I for a very delusional moment contemplated doing it all again.

And then you know, sanity returned and I almost visibly collapsed from the relief I didn’t make another ill-begotten promise. Recipient reaction was satisfactory: “O it has all my colors!” Which could be a two-fold excitement. One: he meant the ones he intended (which although I’d be glad to believe; this I don’t think is exactly what he meant.) Two: I much rather believe he means it was an apt homage to the original.

The shawls are growing. Lucidity has finally been moved to a 60″ cable and I’m onto the border. But with life getting peskily in the way and the beads being an absurd amount I’m only as far as row 9 of 44. Yeah, it’ll be a while. Vivacity (Levity 2.0) is going well but, I don’t pick it up often due to trying to get Lucidity of the needles to make room for this


Yeah I know, I’m excited too but, Lucidity is currently claiming the needles I want to use for it. It’s taking all of my willpower not to swap them out for instant gratification.

Priorities people!

On a final note, I had intended to participate (officially) in Tour de Fleece but flamed out so bad so hard in the (wait for it…) first three days. Yeah, I’m a bit ashamed too. But, it is, what it was, what it will be.

Notice a difference?

Yeah me neither…

Who doesn’t…

feel good when something you’ve worked hard on and tried your best to do perfectly is received better than expected?

I finished the Leaving Cowl by Maria Magnusson (Olsson) June 21st. In doing so I got it gift bag ready with personalized card for the intended recipient. And there it sat in a dining room chair awaiting her arrival. Last night (June 28th) she dropped by and although I wasn’t in the room the recipeint recieved the gift with such appreciation she knocked on my bedrooom door and waiting for me to come out. When I did, I was enveloped in a big thank you hug. She was more than eager to model the cowl for my project page. Unfortuanetly I informed her the best shot would be during the natural light of the day so another time was scheduled.

I have been spinning again. And once again the realization is dawning onto me that it’s better to spin a little each day than have sporadic bouts of large spinning sessions. I get a bit rusty when it comes to my support spindles when I do that.

And although I have signed up to participate in the Tour de Fleece (on Ravelry) this year, I’ve preplanned to be haphazord in participation so, me spinning the intended fiber now isn’t affecting that plan.

And to add a very beautifully ripe cherry on this top.

I finished this a few moments ago and I could not be happier. This was months of torture, disappointment, stress, replanning, adjustments and finally success.


The collar is suppose to look like that. I didn’t knit it on crooked ;) ☺