So here’s where I’ve been

After the debacle that was Viajante 3.0 I just needed time away from my knitting and that’s what I did. After my last post I took a few days and just spun. Now, this was semiproductive:

Recently plied 3-ply lace weight
3 of 5 hanks (the finished ones)

I still have to finish the remainder of the purple and I’ve started a bit of the mixed fauxlags and the yellow. I was on a roll for a bit too until this happened:


That’s the beginnings of Lilac Leaf Shawl and it is filling the lace craving I was struck with hard right before I cast it on. Ideally I want to use the handspun I finish to make another Lucidity. My chart reading an lace knitting has improved so I want to try again but, this was one of those late night, you know you really shouldn’t, I’ll die if I don’t satisfy the itch, cravings.

I figure Lilac Leaf Shawl shawl will tide me over in the meantime.

Then there’s this:

2017-03-27 13.56.172017-03-27 15.58.06

Which after two days of fooling with two swatches knit six different times (yeah, it’s draining just hearing about it.), I finally cast on. I liked the fabric of the US3 – 3.25mm gave me but, the gauge was off. the US2 – 2.75mm needle was too small so, I went back to the US4 – 3.75mm. Although the way I blocked the swatch made the US4 look to big (I strongly believe I skewed it somehow (sigh)), I’d rather too big than too small. Of course I don’t mean Emeraude fiasco big. but, I’m wiser, a bit more experienced, and I know to stop and adjust before it get’s crazy.

What have you been up to?

The question I had to ask

It does not feel like it’s been 9 years (am I counting right?) since I first started blogging here at Speckledblue. It honestly skipped my mind long enough for me not to have a post planned to talk about it. And even though I don’t have a large number of followers in comparison to other fiber blogs, I’m grateful for those of you who read me from time to time. I never intended this to be focused on likes, comments, & follows (although it’s nice when I get those responses from you all). I always meant it as what it is; a way to chronicle my growth, my projects, my fiber life.

When I realized today was my 9 year blogiversary I knew I would write but, not what. And then I realized something that was weighing heavily on my mind would be a good question to pose in hopes you guys would answer.So at the moment the only project on the needles is Viajante 3.0 and while the color is beautiful I’ve had three different project attempts with this yarn that has gone sideways.

I forced my way past the first major hurdle on Viajante only to drop two very important stitches at the very crucial point of the spine and I couldn’t let it go. I first tried to drop down to the offending issue but, that wasn’t really working so I frogged back about 10 rows (one stitch at a time). And while this looked better It never really fixed the problem. That was dropped stitch number one. Dropped stitch number two was a similar failure. So when I decided to write this post I was going to show pictures of the offense and ask what you all thought (keep going or frog). But, after the pictures 5 dropped stitches showed themselves and I just had had about enough. To frog it is!

I also realized I need a lot more cardigans than I have. I’m the type I like wearing cardigans all year long. I’ve always been this way. So, I’m going to cast on for Spirited  this week. In the mean time my nearly two year long spinning project is coming to a finish.

2017-03-20 13.20.07.jpg

The place in which things fall

One of the things I often admire about really productive people is well…their productivity output—obviously. I’ve noticed with these types they don’t really spend a great deal of time updating SNS statuses, project pages, or blogs. It had genuinely slipped my mind that I hadn’t updated my blog. With Instagram (the only SNS site I’m on other than Ravelry) I had put it on a temporary hiatus a few months back and had recently just reopened it. And so while there are updates I often forget I have it.  The bulk of my energy on such things is spent on Ravelry where I like to keep detailed notes about my endeavours as much as possible.

I initially was going to ask you guys if you had any ideas about what sort of cardigan I could make with the 3,080 yards of lace weight yarn I intended for a project only to realize I should have bought fingering. But I did some searches and settled on a pattern I already have in my library. It’s the adult version of Playful Citrus by Elena Nodel: Spirited. I’m going to have to adjust some numbers but, in general I think this will be less of a number recalculation than if I went with a lace weight on a fingering project. (At least I hope).

The projects I was working on have all been completed.

And I accomplished the goal I set out of cleaning out my knitting drawers to make room for more yarn later. And just as I thought once I relocated the finished items to my nightstand I had two empty drawers.

Although I don’t actually plan on buying more yarn.

At present only the latest Viajante is on the needles since I haven’t actually been working on it. I should get a move on, since I don’t want to be working on it too long.

We’ll talk about knitting and my other plans in that regard another day.