Silence is a bit bronze instead

We often hear the phrase “silence is golden” and while I’d like to write a blog post saying that, in this case it’s not really apt. I’ve been having a strong disagreement with some adjusted medication and as a result I’ve been sleeping or yawning my life away. I think I’ve seen daylight but, I’m so exhausted I haven’t been productive enough for it to count. Todays doctor’s appointment should help adjust and reset a few things.

That being said here’s where I’ve managed to get in the last month of semi-failed-productivity.

There’s been some spinning:

Splash of Color has been pushed aside for another spinning project because sometimes you need to pick up something new to motivate you to complete it all. (Think bronze not gold here.)

That said, new is really a project I started back in May 2016 but I wasn’t really concerned with actually working it because I didn’t have a definitive plan for it. I’ve since decided I want to try my hand at a single and I’ve been immensly enjoying the freedom that comes with not having to ply after this.

But, I felt it needed a colorful neighbor or two so I started something my hands were itching to try.

Somehow I’ve managed to get a small amount of knitting done. I am ashamed to say this is as far as the month long projects have grown.

My late night craving for lace has turned into a month long gorge which while not a bad thing is way longer on the needles than I hoped it’d be.

The real disappointment however is my cardigan. It took me entirely too long to get to the divison of sleeves part but, now that I’ve reached it I’m a bit happier.

The satisfaction of craving

When you find yourself plagued with a craving that occupies your thoughts beyond reason it could always end a multitude of ways. If you don’t satisfy said craving sooner rather than later, once you do the taste is never satisfying. It’s as if the craving outlasted the actual taste of it.

I’ve had this happen often when I wait just a bit too long to give in and then when I do I think to myself, “This was all the hype? I really couldn’t live without this?”. Or, you satisfy the craving at its peak (the I’ll die if I don’t get it peak) and the gratification that results is equal to an unreachable itch being scratched.


Thankfully my craving of knitted lace has fallen into the second category. I cast on at just the right moment. I have to keep reminding myself to put the item down to complete or further along other projects. Such as a splash of color or Spirited.


Of course this is a purely selfish need to complete my main spinning project because I’m having another of those “I’ll die if I don’t get this” cravings


I knew you’d understand.

So here’s where I’ve been

After the debacle that was Viajante 3.0 I just needed time away from my knitting and that’s what I did. After my last post I took a few days and just spun. Now, this was semiproductive:

Recently plied 3-ply lace weight
3 of 5 hanks (the finished ones)

I still have to finish the remainder of the purple and I’ve started a bit of the mixed fauxlags and the yellow. I was on a roll for a bit too until this happened:


That’s the beginnings of Lilac Leaf Shawl and it is filling the lace craving I was struck with hard right before I cast it on. Ideally I want to use the handspun I finish to make another Lucidity. My chart reading an lace knitting has improved so I want to try again but, this was one of those late night, you know you really shouldn’t, I’ll die if I don’t satisfy the itch, cravings.

I figure Lilac Leaf Shawl shawl will tide me over in the meantime.

Then there’s this:

2017-03-27 13.56.172017-03-27 15.58.06

Which after two days of fooling with two swatches knit six different times (yeah, it’s draining just hearing about it.), I finally cast on. I liked the fabric of the US3 – 3.25mm gave me but, the gauge was off. the US2 – 2.75mm needle was too small so, I went back to the US4 – 3.75mm. Although the way I blocked the swatch made the US4 look to big (I strongly believe I skewed it somehow (sigh)), I’d rather too big than too small. Of course I don’t mean Emeraude fiasco big. but, I’m wiser, a bit more experienced, and I know to stop and adjust before it get’s crazy.

What have you been up to?