With a bit of perspective

So, I was beating myself up just a bit. With all the recent purchases I felt I’d sort of stepped off the deep end of responsibilities hard. Me being me, forever needing data I did a bit of digging and came up with last years  (2015’s) stash photo around the time I stopped buying originally.


I thought about sharing a photo which blocked out what I’d knit or even written on but, that’s not going to happen. I had set the goal of knitting 11,000+  yards within the 2016 year and I ended up knitting 12,000+ yards which is awesome. So after my recent stash purchases this is what I currently have total.


It’s at a different angle and on a rainy day so the lighting sucks but, you can clearly see the yardage is a lot less than two years ago after purchasing all that I have. I’d say then, that I’m still doing well. A lot of this yarn will be gone in a few months, I have gifts to finish, three garments to make, a couple of planned shawls etc. Just about everything in my stash has a pattern idea attached to it.

On another note. I’ve been indulging my startitis and I presently have three different things on the needles.

This is a commissioned piece that I’d like to finish no later than Friday, but it’s been put down for a few days for this beauty


And third up is a shawl that was driving me crazy until I decided to wing the bulk of the item instead of follow the pattern I was using.


This will be awhile. But the other two shouldn’t take too long.

All out of excuses

I’d really like to say there’s a reason. I mean, a credible one to what I’m about to say but, there isn’t one. Perhaps, you could help me come up with one? (I’m desperate so make’em good ‘kay?) I bought more yarn. And you know what I’ve come to conclude? No wonder they call it a “yarn diet” because like an actual diet verses a “lifestyle change” when you fall off/on (never could figure that out) the wagon you fall hard.

Like a sweet eater (I am) whose deprived themselves of sweets past a reasonable amount of understandable time (moderation people!) I opened the cupboard to the snack factory and have been gorging on “snacks” since that one eventful bite of my favorite cookie. I know sometimes when you haven’t had sweets it’s a palate cleanse in that when you do have them it taste weird and unsatisfactory.

This is not one of those times. This is one of those times when every inch of the sugary goodness pierces your taste buds and you start eating hand over fist to prolong the deliciousness. (Hey, I never said it was a pretty site),

But, this is…


The folly of hindsight 

While everything has been going relatively well. I had another major setback on the spinning front.


This is the second (third if you count the green fiber incident of Deep Blue Seas) that I’ve lost a lot of spun singles because I lost the end and couldn’t find it again. On the other hand, my knitting is going well. I finished two of the planned gifts I’ve intended.

And while I would love to say I did myself proud in just purchasing the fiber and the needles and moving on I can’t lift my head to say that. I ran across a sale at Knit Picks that for some inexplicible reason I just could not pass up and let go. And with the aide of a family friend hoping I could make them a hat they’d be willing to pay for the yarn and me taking time to make the item (it’s rare that I give in to such request but, I blame the imaginary yarn fumes that I couldn’t resist).

Not until after the purchase did I realize I just broke my two year hiatus goal. But once my items shipped I comforted myself with the thoughts that my goal was to clear out my drawers, to get rid of the acrylic yarn, and to purchase more of the fiber types I prefer. I’ve done that in just the year and two months I haven’t purchased.


Out of my six fiber/yarn/knitting drawers, three are techinically empty. I say techincally because two are currently occupied by handknits I’ve made myself and kept. Once I find another place to put them those drawers will be empty. The third emptied drawer is where my latest fiber purchase resides. So even though I’m a bit early I’d say for the most part I’ve accomplished my goal.

Right now I have have a shawl on the needles.