This won’t always be

I’ve been updating a lot lately. Which won’t always be. But, one thing I’ve never done on this blog that I thought I had is say thank you to those who read it. I know I’m often long winded but, many of you repeatedly, willingly come back to read what I have to say and I appreciate that. This is the only public blog that I have that knows so much about my life that it does. You all have heard on numerous occasions when I’m under the weather, you see pictures of the loved ones in my life (something I rarely share). That’s my little way of saying I appreciate the interest.

My week has been…I have no idea of what the proper adjective to put here.That aside I’ve done a few things.

Ashton has progressed and could have easily been in the completed stage but, I made a conscious effort to put it aside to work on Rust & Stone. Rust & Stone is on a deadline (December) Ashton is not. Also, I notice for myself that if I’m knitting one thing and start another not only is my attention divided but, I my tension is slightly different because I’m knitting something on either bigger or smaller needles for said item. Often that makes it where I have to adjust and that could take anywhere between 2-4 rows before I get into the groove of the different project.

2015-09-28 14.04.31-1

As it is the past two days have been undivided attention given to Rust & Stone


As such Deep Blue Seas hasn’t been touched and tomorrow (Oct. 3rd) makes it an official year long project. I was hoping to have it complete by then… Sounds funny now. Just a few more days. I don’t do well with company. It throws my routine rhythm off and right now we have two very rambunctious 13 year old boys and a 10 year old girl. Way too much distraction to attempt completing anything.


This was so hard to photograph and it still didn’t come out the right color. You’ll see it properly when it’s complete.

I have been itching to make socks for a while which really puts a damper on my one project at a time thing. I had already broken that rule when I cast on Ashton but I conceded the point by instead of casting on socks. Making the yarn ready for them out of various leftover Knit Picks sock yarn I had laying around unclaimed.

2015-10-02 21.34.10

In between all these signs of restlessness came another.

2015-10-02 21.33.12

This is my next year plus long project. I started out trying to make a batt that didn’t work. So I did a few blended fauxlags. I did not like that so I did some single color fauxlags but didn’t like those either. Finally I made them like you see in the picture. I may spin from the fold but, as yet I haven’t decided. Because I played around with the colors so much I won’t be doing a three ply (I don’t think…) Won’t know exacts until I start. This is 5.114ozs worth of fiber which I’m sure you can tell isn’t even in the various colors but, that’s ok.


I’ve slowed down. I’m taking a new medication and the affects has me sluggish a great deal until my system is fully acclimated. So, my productivity has slowed. I’m not worried because my energy level lowering happens from time to time. This too shall pass. As it is although not quite finished with Deep Blue Seas in which I’ve dubbed the colorway Oceans Blue I did take a better picture.


I ran into a number descrepancy with Rust & Stone so had a day to wait on the designer and found my fingers wasn’t to keen on that idea so this happened mere moments before Milja the designer was able to set me straight.


Which lead to this.

Ashton shawlette on Ravelry

It hasn’t been touched since but, again I’ve slowed down. It’ll get done soon it’s relatively simple.

As for Rust & Stone?


I finally measured and picked the best size for myself and guess what?

It fits!

I know I’m just as shocked as you but, then I had a feeling things would go this way. And I’m glad. Milja’s design is so creative and ingenious I recommend anyone looking for a cardigan to knit; make it. It starts a bit fiddly however it is well worth the effort to do.


I chose Ashton by doing something I’d always wanted to try but, didn’t trust. Pick a pattern name out of a jar. I did this knowing if I didn’t pick the one I wanted I’d do the one I wanted anyway. To make it fun though, I picked one and Mother Dear picked one.


I picked Ashton just as I’d hoped and Mother Dear picked Zilver which I told her I am more than willing to cast on next. And the endeavor was fun.


When it came time to put stitches on hold I was too lazy to find a needle so instead used a twist tie. It worked remarkably well.


The spinning project I had dubbed Clean Slate wasn’t working. I’m struggling to spin this merino – silk blend. So I divided the remaining unspun amount into three 30 gram parts which I will dye dark purple, deep green, and fall brown. Each color will be divided into threes also. 10 gram increments to be spun and plied together. It will be epic as soon as I get the vinegar to dye.

That’s the sum total of all my crafting parts for now.

V o n n a

Almost a year in it’s making and still not complete

These past few days anything in the way of creative have been pushed aside for a long drawn out project. Deep Blue Seas is nearly complete! I started this spinning project last year in October and my only real goal was to try to spin as fine a weight as possible. And although I ideally meant fingering weight, as plying begun I realized I was way below that. I’m calling it lace but, it could almost pass for smaller than that. As it is 4 of the 5 colors are plied, 3 of 5 have the twist set, and only 1 of said 5 is still being spun. I’m hoping to have this done no later than October but, the way that my drive has been going in regards to it, it could very well be before then.

2015-09-20 23.21.38-1
1,064yds of lace weight

I need about 330 more yards to comfortable attempt to make

Bressay Hap Wrap by Sharon Miller
Bressay Hap Wrap by Sharon Miller

Photo © knickerknitter (Anita) on Ravelry

I used her photo because it showed off the pattern the best. Wouldn’t that be interesting to see? That pattern in my handspun.


As for Rust and Stone? It’s progressing but, a bit slower than I’d like. I’m currently waiting on some number confirmations from the designer. I haven’t really devoted the necessary time to it considering I want it complete no later than the end of this year. That only gives me three more months and we all know my tract record of finishing large items in such a short span of time. I get lagging and start putting things down for two months at a time. It’s an awesome design and I think it’ll come out much better than Emeraude did. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be my favorite cardigan.

My yearly knitting yardage has been updated with the completion of Study of Stripes

I am now at 9,109yds. I think I might actually hit over 10,000yds of yarn knit up this year! how cool is that when last year I only knit 1,690yds?

Has it really only been six days?

It felt like much longer than that since my last update. So much and yet nothing at all has happened. In short I have some sort of unidentifiable allergy to something undetermined. (I fear it might be wool! But bet it’s probably dust.) Rust and Stone is progressing but, slowly because I’ve picked up an old friend.


I’m not sorry for that. I’m actually enjoying the weird/unique/ingenious way the cardigan is constructed and have a strong feeling as I’ve told Mother Dear that it’ll probably end up being my favorite. As it is right now I carry and swing around my shoulders every chance I get my Study of Stripes shawl.


Cold weather this morning made this and my socks come in handy.


I had trouble figuring out the shawl pin at first. You know how sometimes somethings so simple YOU complicate it? That’s what I was doing.


It’s beautiful and once I use this more regularly I’d love being able to justify buying one or two more in different styles.

Otherwise I’ve been busy with my regular life and that’s actually made crafting more enjoyable. O almost forgot. Look what I did…


I sewed a drawstring bag all by myself! Using tips and tricks from various sources, blogs, craftsy, & Ravelry.  It came out way too tall for a project bag to me but, works great as a carrier for my niddy noddy and pegs for my swift.

Next, I want to try a zippered bag.

I’m republishing because I forgot to add a proper shot of the shawl.



V o n n a