Crash and burn

I haven’t updated because I really haven’t had much to share. Knitting has taken sort of a relaxed stance since I completed K2’s vest. I feel as if it was anti-climatic in a way. Here was this item that had been in various stages of planning for so long, even pre-true-planning and then when things got underway everything that could go horribly wrong did. Even at the final stage of it all when I finally was able to get the item to him to try it on a snipped too close to the edge end unraveled and I had to do emergency spare moment fixing without any proper tools. Honestly, I was so relieved by the hand off of said promised items I for a very delusional moment contemplated doing it all again.

And then you know, sanity returned and I almost visibly collapsed from the relief I didn’t make another ill-begotten promise. Recipient reaction was satisfactory: “O it has all my colors!” Which could be a two-fold excitement. One: he meant the ones he intended (which although I’d be glad to believe; this I don’t think is exactly what he meant.) Two: I much rather believe he means it was an apt homage to the original.

The shawls are growing. Lucidity has finally been moved to a 60″ cable and I’m onto the border. But with life getting peskily in the way and the beads being an absurd amount I’m only as far as row 9 of 44. Yeah, it’ll be a while. Vivacity (Levity 2.0) is going well but, I don’t pick it up often due to trying to get Lucidity of the needles to make room for this


Yeah I know, I’m excited too but, Lucidity is currently claiming the needles I want to use for it. It’s taking all of my willpower not to swap them out for instant gratification.

Priorities people!

On a final note, I had intended to participate (officially) in Tour de Fleece but flamed out so bad so hard in the (wait for it…) first three days. Yeah, I’m a bit ashamed too. But, it is, what it was, what it will be.

Notice a difference?

Yeah me neither…

Who doesn’t…

feel good when something you’ve worked hard on and tried your best to do perfectly is received better than expected?

I finished the Leaving Cowl by Maria Magnusson (Olsson) June 21st. In doing so I got it gift bag ready with personalized card for the intended recipient. And there it sat in a dining room chair awaiting her arrival. Last night (June 28th) she dropped by and although I wasn’t in the room the recipeint recieved the gift with such appreciation she knocked on my bedrooom door and waiting for me to come out. When I did, I was enveloped in a big thank you hug. She was more than eager to model the cowl for my project page. Unfortuanetly I informed her the best shot would be during the natural light of the day so another time was scheduled.

I have been spinning again. And once again the realization is dawning onto me that it’s better to spin a little each day than have sporadic bouts of large spinning sessions. I get a bit rusty when it comes to my support spindles when I do that.

And although I have signed up to participate in the Tour de Fleece (on Ravelry) this year, I’ve preplanned to be haphazord in participation so, me spinning the intended fiber now isn’t affecting that plan.

And to add a very beautifully ripe cherry on this top.

I finished this a few moments ago and I could not be happier. This was months of torture, disappointment, stress, replanning, adjustments and finally success.


The collar is suppose to look like that. I didn’t knit it on crooked ;) ☺

I’ve learned…

the more you do something the more instinctively it becomes in preventing colossal errors. 

Because I have more yarn than the Lucidity pattern calls for I had preplanned to do more repeats of the body chart to use said yarn. However during the process of knitting I realized something important. Prior to casting on Lucidity I had chosen a needle two sizes smaller than the pattern recommended in order to compensate for my yarn fiber content being a bit different from what was suggested. Thankfully this realization occured before it resulted in me having to unknit/frog lace with beads.

This is in stark contrast to K2’s vest which I’ve had to regroup, replan, and reknit multiple times. (It’s been cast aside this week for Lucidity in attempts to curve my beaded lace craving). 

I’ve learned that knitting your own handspun is crucial to your fiber spinning endeavours. The bulk of Deep Blue Seas is lace (really cobweb) weight yarn. However one of the hanks (dark bluish-green) has come out to more of a fingering weight. It is also more dense and less soft than the other hanks thus far; so was light bluish-green. In further review of my handspun notes I realized these two fibers were spun on my heavier spindles. The Purple Turkish spindle and the Tipsy Elle (my bottom whorl spindle). In contrast, the light blue hank was the softest of the bunch (haven’t spun the green hank yet [that’s intended for the border] ) 

The light blue hank was spun on Penny ( a support spindle that I often struggle to control). So who knew, that would turn out to produce my best work. I with this discovery have learned support spindles are best for me, in order to produce the type of yarns I prefer working with (lace/cobweb). Looking at the pictures of all the completed hanks  clearly showed that while the other hanks had extra twist and energy, the light blue was perfectly balanced.

I’ve also learned that I thoroughly enjoy knitting lace and using beads. And while the floss thread was a learning curve it is quite easy to use and very similiar to those fleegle beaders some are using. And I think I’ve renewed my desire to get past the plan garter stitch section of Vivacity.

Who knew…

that I would somehow be so close to finishing but, suddenly hit the blackhole of knitting?


I am 4″ away from finishing the body of this vest and suddenly after the last “official” length check no matter how many rows I’ve knit since nor how often I’ve remeasured, this thing has not budged in number growth. I can’t wait for it to be done. The stress of the past few months will finally be over. And while I won’t say I’ll never make it again; it’ll be a while before I do.

Who knew that all my preparations and planning and efforts to hit a certain yardage amount for the years total would actually be plausible?* I had mentioned several months ago that I had been crunching numbers (a dangerous thing for me) in order to actually deplete stash during this two year buying hiatus in order to go completely mad (spending wise) once it was over. My goal is to empty out the bulk of the 6 storage drawers full of yarn and fiber I have.


This picture is quite a few months ago and several of the things in the picture have been knit or spun up already. And even though it doesn’t seem like a lot at my knitting rate (calculated from last years yardage) This is two years worth of enjoyment (minus the handspun once I actually spin it all). That little pile in the back of the acrylic I wish to get rid of the most, which also makes it the hardest to do so because I don’t like it. My hope is that in two years (seventeen months at this point) I can buy a bulk amount of fiber (enough to last me eight years) and yarn to replenish my empty drawers.

Who knew that dental floss for braces would be a perfect beader substitute.


So last time I showed a picture of my Lucidity and next to it was a string of beads. Those are just a very very small amount of the beads I’m hoping to put onto Lucidty’s border at the end. They are 10/0 seed beads smaller than the typical 6/0-8/0 seed beads. But they are gorgeous. They remind me of the Aurora Borealis. If you notice in the above picture, I used the thread by first putting on a size 6/0 seed bead (clear) and I made a couple of security knots in order to stabilize it on the end of the thread.

Afterwhich, whenever I was a bit idle (watching shows but not using my hands) I would put some of my intended beads onto the thread. If you can tell there is the non fuzzy and a bit stiff point, then there is a fuzzy (almost shoelace like textured but softer) length (about 1.5″) and then the long thread part. With the bead at the other end this secures the beads without you worrying about them coming off when the string is in your bag.

They’ve been jostling around at the bottom of my project bag since I’ve done that and I haven’t lost one bead off of it. As you can see if I can find a fiber related use for anything I keep it. The container some of the beads are in is a mint container. Works great for travel without fear of when you open it the beads will spill.

*According to my calculations of the 14,487yds I need to knit this year, I have just 4,957-5,549yds ( & data respectively) left to knit. This calculation includes current WIPs as items complete.