Year spent gifting

When I began the year I had certain goals in mind as we tend to do. On a crafting note my first six months was intended to be spent getting out gifts to loved ones so they could utilize them once the weather turned cold. An unintentional thing occurred as the year continuously progressed. I'd … Continue reading Year spent gifting


Can’t remember the last time

I had multiple projects on the needles and was still itching to cast on more. I had mentioned a while back how I had plans to make 8 special women an item for this year that in all honesty should have been completed well before now. But, in so doing I realized a few things. … Continue reading Can’t remember the last time

I’m here just quiet

I have been busy on non-yarn related crafts for a while now. Catching up on things that have quite frankly being more pressing than updating the blog. Overall things are decent and so I thought it was time to update my status for the year before it concludes. I have officially completed my 12 projects … Continue reading I’m here just quiet

When excuses just don’t cut it (image heavy)

I hadn't even realized it's been this long since I last had written a post. I've been busy and scattered and feeling as if I haven't accomplished much of anything at all. Has anyone else ever felt that way? Bleu Mist is still very much on the needles but has been upgraded tremendously.¬†Wait, let me … Continue reading When excuses just don’t cut it (image heavy)

Just when I think I’m getting better

I've been on this preoccupied drive this past little while on making garments for myself. As often as I get it wrong I more frequently end up creating something I never thought I'd like yet end up adoring. And while this shouldn't strike me as surprising somehow it always manages to do so. The issue … Continue reading Just when I think I’m getting better

Have you talked yourself into something you meant to talk someone else out of?

Hello friends I've unintentionally left in the lurch! How are you? I've been very stagnant when it comes to crafting. I've been struggling due to the weather and other real life issues that has made me not have any desire to knit or spin or anything else slightly crafty. But, I had a deadline and … Continue reading Have you talked yourself into something you meant to talk someone else out of?

Spindles Part 3: Bottom whorl*

When I wrote the first and second part of this series I didn't own a bottom whorl spindle so I couldn't really comment on it's benefits and design. I've since acquired one from the same seller I purchased my top whorl from (Fiber Artists Supply Co.) Soon after purchasing it I noticed the difference in … Continue reading Spindles Part 3: Bottom whorl*

There’s been

actual progress. I don't have a lot in the way of updated photos. But there has been small forward movement on the knitting front. I was so curious about how the spinning I did for a cardigan in mind would behave once knitted up so I quickly balled it up and did a simple swatch. … Continue reading There’s been

Silence is a bit bronze instead

We often hear the phrase "silence is golden" and while I'd like to write a blog post saying that, in this case it's not really apt. I've been having a strong disagreement with some adjusted medication and as a result I've been sleeping or yawning my life away. I think I've seen daylight but, I'm … Continue reading Silence is a bit bronze instead