Progress is rewarding

A few days ago I ended up in the ER having breathing problems. I have asthma so, they were understandably just as concerned as I was. I ended up getting a breathing treatment, which surprisingly made me feel worse rather than better. Turned out I had a virus/cold. The doctor expected it to last about 2 weeks or so and prescribed a decongestant and something else to help that I can’t think of off the top of my head. Plenty of rest and liquids being the order of the day before sending me home. As a result I’ve done little else but, take meds and sleep.

I’m actually getting better sooner than I expected I would. I’ve had odd days where I’ve either slept all day or not slept at all. On days where I haven’t slept I’ve done my best (around the migraines that is) to put myself to use and I discovered something interesting about my productivity ability. If I switch between knitting and spinning every half hour or so I seem to make greater progress than if I sit for several hours working on one thing. Why is that I do not have a clue but, it works for me.

As a result:

20140902_031813_1 I’ve been working on this beauty. I know you think this is new fiber it’s not. I took a nice chunk of the remaining amount of grey toned merino that was felted and over dyed it using blue and purple food coloring. Then, –because I don’t have a drum carder, hand carder, or a blending board — I used a wide tooth comb to align the fibers and detangle. I then did my usual method of pulling the fibers apart and over lapping them to get the colors to blend. After which I used one of the dowels that make up part of my niddy noddy and rolled and drafted the fibers. Which resulted in this beautiful after math.


2014-08-23 16.19.16Vajiante is coming along but, I’d like to move along a bit faster. My goals this month is to get all of the grey fiber completely finished. Including plying, washing, and dried. I also want to have my Stream Bed’s Kiss socks completely finished. They’ve been on the needles too long.

It’s Your Anniversary!

It’s been raining. If you have at any point ever read my poetry blog, perhaps you came across my “ode” to rain. I have been fiddling with this blog off and on every since my last post in attempts to find a theme –free theme– that worked well with how large I’ve been making the pictures recently. Two things I was not aware of until about two hours ago was, in switching around the themes on my phone instead of a computer– or even tablet– I lost all the widgets I had set up. Also, the larger images although nice to view on my phone don’t look so hot on the computer. I’ll work on that later, because I just spent the past two hours fiddling, my neck hurts due to the position in which I’m laying while on the computer. Now I get the benefit to my desk that I never like to use.

I also had not been checking notifications on WordPress and as such when I opened it on the computer I noticed a new one. It said that my 8 year anniversary for being on was 11 days ago. Wow, eight years! I had not even realized it had been that long. That marks the same length of time I’ve been baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The difference being I signed up here in August of 2006, I didn’t get baptized until October 2006. How cool is that? I had planned to insert a picture here but, my screen capture, and image editing software was being a pain so I scraped that idea.


Pretty much the same thing that’s been on the needles is on the needles. Only difference is progress in the right direction. We’ve had continuous house guest for the past three weeks so knitting time has been sporadic but, continuous. 

2014-08-15 22.07.28 When it comes to spinning: I was able to ply some of the felted various grey toned merino fiber. One center pull plying ball was bigger than the other so I had left-overs. Instead of skein and wash what I did finish I left it on the spindle to add more to once I spin enough. Hence that’s what I’ve been doing on my purple Turkish spindle. I have been making the yarn thicker than previously. For one I just wanted to finish and be done with it, and for two I am in the mood to spin and make thicker yarn.

More pictures and updates to come soon.