The Dilemma I’ve had

There has been a lot on my mind in the way of my current knitting projects and my projects page on  A few years ago, my Yahoo! account was compromised and instead of try to repair it I decided to go ahead and delete the account. Not realizing, it was linked to a Flickr account I hadn’t  used in ages. It took until earlier this year to  finally get those pictures & account closed. As a result it deleted some of my project pictures that I had taken long enough  ago  that  I did not have a backup. I’ve been trying to think of ways I could retake  the pictures but majority  of the items were either gifted or with four moves misplaced/lost. But this in addition caused me to look at the other pictures of my projects. They definitely leave a lot to be desired and don’t always display my creations in the best light. I thought about retaking pictures of the items I do have  but it’s honestly not enough to fix the overall of the page.

I am first going to attempt to fix the pictures that are already up. As for the now missing pictures, I’m going to create a stock image/avatar for those.

As for my actual knitting. It’s been at a pace I’ve been comfortable with until I realize I haven’t completed anything in a few months. Then I feel bad. It’s moving, just at a glacial speed. There a days even a whole week at times that go by before I have the urge to knit something. I haven’t fallen out of love nor have I lost my mojo.  Just that’s the way things are at the moment.


Deadlines come and go

2014-09-28 14.21.12

This year has not been one of my best. To many things and majority of it personal so not really anything I’d be willing to share but, as a result of these situations/events/circumstances what have you; my knitting has suffered. I’m still knitting and I very much am enjoying doing so but, I’ve slowed down on my productivity rate dramatically.

That being the case, yes these albeit nice looking but, getting tiresome socks are still on the needles. The saddest part of which being they’re at the home stretch. One sock is just working on the ribbing and the other I have the cuff to trug through before it’s caught up to the first. A great deal of my time is spent listening to deep and meaningful music, watching the news, discussing the news, and not actually accomplishing anything of importance.

However, I have started a new spinning project. In one of the Ravelry groups I’m in we do monthly spinning projects based off themes that previous months winners have chosen. One winner is chosen at the end of the month (I believe randomly). The set criteria is that you have to complete at least 1oz of spun fiber, post a complete picture, explain your inspiration of fiber choice/color/theme, and if you win; you get to decided one of the up coming themes.

This months theme is Under the Sea. I chose the purples, blues, and greens of previously dyed fiber to blend and spin as my fiber inspiration.

2014-10-02 23.55.31  I named it Deep Blue Seas and hope to get a nice amount of it finish at least to have something to show. It’s just under 6ozs and I plan to spin it as fine in weight as possible to maximize yardage results. So we’ll see how it goes.

2014-10-03 01.10.56 So of course first the blending using my newly found and experimented methods. Check previous post about the blue and grey fiber to see what I did. Then I spin.

2014-10-06 03.49.21 I have basically designated my purple Turkish spindle the spinning spindle. And the spindle I purchased from Fiber Artist Supply Company as my plying spindle. Perhaps this will change if I purchase more but, for now this works for me.